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How to Make a More Spacious Room

Have you just moved to a new apartment? Is your apartment life living up to your expectations? Well, owning an apartment unit is fun, but not always easy. Especially if your unit is in a metropolitan area where space is very limited, your unit will definitely look cramped, especially because of the furniture and belongings you have.

Facing these problems, of course, many of us want to move to a more spacious apartment. But, it will give you another headache with all the bills and many other considerations.

So, in this article, we have compiled several solutions and easy ways to make your room bigger just by utilizing the space you already have and making small changes to your apartment unit.

Redecorating the Room

This method is probably the easiest way because you don't need to do major renovations. By using just a few simple design elements and illusions, you can trick your mind into thinking you have more space.

Use Calming Pastel Colors

You can start by thinking about the colors you will use. Lighter color combinations are the best choice for painting small rooms. These colors reflect light more effectively and make the walls appear further apart, making the room appear larger. Some colors such as cream, light gray or pastel blue, for example, will brighten and appear to expand the room. This illusion makes the room more spacious by making the room feel open and spacious, calming and pleasant at the same time.

The clear appearance of your room can not only be improved by painting the walls and ceiling white. You can also use furniture with a soft colored HPL coating such as cream which will also help blend the boundary between the walls and ceiling, making your eyes move upwards, making the ceiling appear higher. In conclusion, white is a great choice for small spaces that can easily appear cramped because it greatly enhances the space and shows its structure. Apart from that, avoid using dark and bold colors that make the room feel stuffy, such as navy or royal purple.

Install a Mirror

cermin besar di apartmen yang membuat ruangan lebih luas

In addition, most interior designers usually recommend using mirrors to make small spaces appear larger. All questions about small rooms usually mention the use of mirrors to create a more spacious impression. Mirrors not only reflect light, they also reflect perspective, tricking the eye into thinking that there is additional space. You can choose a mirror without a frame so that the mirror seems to blend in with the wall. That way the mirror will not be seen as an additional object that fills the room.

Avoid Using Curtains

desain interior apartemen dengan tirai

Similar to using mirrors, making a room larger is about tricking the eye: if you want to install large windows in a room, then avoid using curtains. Curtains and curtains seem to add more objects to the room. By not installing curtains, you can keep the room simple while making your house more spacious. A better solution, you can replace your curtains with shutters, fabric blinds, or roller blinds. These curtain replacements will give you more visibility while still giving you total privacy.

However, if you insist on using curtains, use a curtain rod that is much longer than the window frame so that the window can be completely exposed.

Select and Rearrange Furniture

Having considered the smaller items, let's look at the bigger “problem”, namely your furniture. All of the discussion in this article is about proportions when talking about furniture for small spaces.

Choose short furniture

First, prioritize choosing furniture with a shorter shape. Furniture that is lower to the floor creates a sense of space in the room simply by leaving more space above it. Choose a mattress without a cot or a loft bed instead of a queen-sized bed to feel more spacious. Additionally, avoid large, heavy objects that take up too much useful area in the room. A minimalist sofa or chair, for example, will provide the same amount of seating space as its oversized version, but will take up much less space.

Avoid Placing Furniture in the Middle

A trick to create more space in an apartment bedroom is to move your bed as close to the wall as possible. If you have a queen-sized bed, push your bed as close to the wall as possible. Meanwhile, make sure to leave a little space between the walls and the edges of your furniture so it doesn't look cramped.

Use Walls for Decoration

dinding ruangan sebagai tempat meletakkan dekorasi

Now it's time to look at your walls. There are better ways to make use of those empty walls - especially if you have a small apartment! Rather than adding more furniture to a room for more storage, create cabinet shelves and dressers that attach to the wall, or even above your bed.

You can also hang almost any piece of furniture, such as a bookshelf next to the bed or a long, low shelf as additional seating. This way you can have an aesthetic and practical room!

Choose Multifunctional Furniture

Struggling to find a better way to utilize your furniture with little space? Then, why don't you just choose multifunctional furniture? Every element in your bedroom can function as storage if you use creativity, you know!

For example, your nightstand can also function as a dressing table if you have a stool low enough to place under it. Or you can make your shelf or cupboard multifunctional by installing hooks on the side to hang jackets, bags, hats, or other possible items.

Conclusion : Creating a Spacious Room

Navigating the challenges of apartment living, especially in cramped metropolitan spaces, demands innovative solutions that maximize what you have without necessitating a move.

From the strategic use of calming pastel colors to the careful selection and arrangement of furniture, these solutions focus on creating optical illusions that enhance the perception of space. Incorporating mirrors, opting for multifunctional furniture, and minimizing the use of curtains are practical tips that can significantly alter the feel of a room, making it appear more open and spacious.

These approaches underscore the importance of creativity and strategic planning in making the most of limited living spaces, proving that a few simple changes can have a big impact on your apartment's look and feel.

Do you have a unit that needs upgrading? We have designed 700+ home projects and helped expand our clients' room space. Check out our portfolio as a reference and contact us today to transform your room space!

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